jueves, agosto 24, 2006

Guía de Introducción a la Actualización de QuickTime 7.1 (Update Guide en inglés)

El pasado 14 de agosto de 2006 Apple USA, publicaba la esperada Update Guide del nuevo QuickTime 7.1.

Esta es la introducción del documento Web:
QuickTime is the industry standard for multimedia programming and application development, with a rich and evolving API comprised of more than 2700 function calls. Its component-based architecture is highly extensible, enabling applications to display, import, export, modify, and capture a broad range of digital media, including audio, video, still images, text, Flash, MIDI, sprites, VR panoramas, among other media types. QuickTime is designed from the ground up to work with local disk-based media, media accessed over a network, or streams of real-time data.

This document provides detailed information about the new features, changes, and enhanced capabilities that are available in QuickTime 7.1 for Mac OS X version 10.4 and for Windows.

If you are a QuickTime API-level developer, content author, multimedia producer, or Webmaster who is currently working with QuickTime, you should read this document.


Eduardo Croissier

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martes, agosto 01, 2006

Nuevo artículo en el Apple Developer Blog

Nuevo artículo en el Apple Developer Blog